In honor of National Women in Construction Week 2023, we are highlighting the variety of roles at Moriarty from the perspective of our women employees. This afternoon’s spotlight is on Preconstruction:

Sabrina Sanchez de Esposito is an Assistant Preconstruction Manager who has worked in construction for almost 7 years and at Moriarty for 4.5 years, Amanda Rosenkrantz is a Preconstruction Engineer who has worked in construction and at Moriarty for 1.5 years, and Kayla Bui, MSB is a Preconstruction Engineer who has worked in construction for 2.5 years and almost 1 year at Moriarty. “Working on the Preconstruction (Precon) team is a collaborative effort. No day is the same, just as any job, but the majority of our time consists of working on pricing exercises. The most rewarding things about our roles are using our technical problem-solving skills, engaging with ownership, and building relationships with subcontractors. We also get the opportunity to interact with all project teams as they transition from Precon to operations. Adapting to the needs of a new project and understanding its unique features can be challenging because we work on so many different projects at one time. The Moriarty Precon team feels like a family, and we lean on each other for guidance and support. Everyone on the team brings something different to the table, and the occasional late nights spent at the office bring us closer! For anyone considering a role in preconstruction, here’s some advice from each of us:

Sabrina: Think about what you want to get out of your experience. There is a lot of flexibility in the direction you can go. Not only can you grow your preconstruction skills and assist clients in early program planning, but Moriarty is unique in that you can transition into a field role for a project that you worked on during the conception phases. – Amanda: To be successful in preconstruction, you need to be prepared to go with the flow and step out of your comfort zone. At Moriarty you get out what you put in, and there are a lot of opportunities for growth within the team. – Kayla: It’s easy to get immersed in the preconstruction work because each project is intricate, and you might find yourself wanting to solve every problem from start to finish. It’s important to remind yourself to have a balance in and out of the office.”