Today’s another WIC week spotlight, this time focused on Field Supervision and Engineering:

“My name is Morgan Yang, I’m a Façade Assistant Superintendent working on the Clarendon West Building 1 project. I have worked in construction for over 5 years and at Moriarty for 2.5 years. Most of my day is spent walking around site tracking progress, looking out for potential issues, & walking with foremen. I run a daily huddle in the afternoons where we coordinate façade work and discuss multi-trade issues. The best parts of construction for me are when I can get the foremen to work together to come up with solutions to problems, and the tangible aspect of seeing a building come to life. Some advice I have for young people looking to become superintendents is to develop relationships with the foremen because that can make or break your day-to-day environment on site, turning problem solving and coordinating work from a battle into a team effort. Also, it’s okay to not know the answer and say, “I don’t know, but let me go find that answer for you.” Prior to starting with Moriarty, I worked for three years at another general contractor as a field engineer in a split field/office role. I knew I wanted to be a superintendent, moving to Moriarty gave me that opportunity. I started here as an amenities superintendent. At my next project, I assisted with structure from footings through the roof before transitioning to façade. I work on a great project team; I’m grateful to be able to work with and learn from good people like Jed (Superintendent) and Kat (Project Manager). The Moriarty team overall is a close-knit community, and it feels great to be a part of that. Outside of my project, I get involved by co-captaining our softball team, volunteering for CANstruction, and am a member of both the Safety Committee & Women in Construction Lead Team!”