In honor of National Women in Construction Week 2023, we are highlighting the variety of roles at Moriarty from the perspective of our women employees. Today’s spotlight is on Administration and Support:

“My name is Jessica Blinn, and I’m an Admin/Cost Engineer working on the One Congress Project in Massachusetts. I have worked in construction and at Moriarty for 10 years. I run the closeouts for all the jobs here, so most of my day is spent in front of Excel spreadsheets, making sure paperwork is turned in and filed. I also help with accounting, payroll, fix printers, and generally work on whatever else is needed administratively. I work a lot with our subcontractors’ administration teams and insurance teams. The most gratifying part of my job is the forensic accounting, where I make sure our records onsite line up with the office’s. It’s like putting together a puzzle, except all the pieces are constantly moving, so when they fit together it’s very satisfying. Not having a background in construction means I’m always learning! I continue to be impressed by the copious amount of knowledge everyone has within their current roles, and what they bring from their past roles as well. When I have a question, I can almost always count on one of my coworkers to know the answer. On the non-construction-specific side, I appreciate that Moriarty trusts me to learn on the job while also providing me with the resources I need, whether it’s training modules, or just a day off when necessary. I’m happy to be here!”