Company Overview
Moriarty has grown to become one of the most respected construction management firms in the industry, with a track record of delivering a predictable result on a wide variety of project types across a large geographical area.

In 1985, Moriarty was founded as a firm that focused on hiring the right people. This created an environment that emphasized dynamic teamwork and supported openness, trust and clear communications.

John Moriarty & Associates was founded in 1985 with a determination to provide the best possible construction management services to our clients. To do this, we combined a proactive and aggressive preconstruction involvement during the design process with a hands-on approach to ensuring the project construction met the quality, schedule and financial objectives established by the team.

The result is a Construction Management firm with established offices in Winchester, Massachusetts performing work in Eastern Massachusetts and Northern New England; Alexandria, Virginia with work in the Washington, DC area; and Hollywood, Florida covering all of Southern Florida.

JMA has grown to become one of the most respected construction management firms in the industry, with a track record of delivering a predictable result on a variety of project types; from high-rise office construction in urban settings to complicated laboratory and health care facilities to residential projects of varying standards to finally the suburban office building that needs to be built quickly and effectively.

  • John J. Moriarty


    As President and Founder of John Moriarty & Associates, Inc., John Moriarty has guided the firm’s impressive growth since 1985. John graduated from Johns Hopkins University.

  • Christopher J. Brown

    Chief Executive Officer

    Chris is a project executive also taking leadership on staff training and education initiatives. Chris established the firm’s Virginia office and continues to oversee that operation. Chris graduated from the College of the Holy Cross in 1983

  • John Leete


    John Leete is responsible for the firm’s entire Florida operation. John has been with the firm since 1988, and graduated from Central Connecticut State University.

  • Finn O’Sullivan


    Finn is a project executive overseeing the operations and execution of many of Moriarty’s largest projects. Finn joined the firm in 1993 after graduating with a BSC (Quantity Surveyor) from Limerick Institute of Technology/Heriot Watt University.

  • Andrew Hall


    Andrew is a preconstruction team lead assisting project teams in pricing though purchasing and contract assembly. Andrew graduated from Colgate University in 1999 and joined the firm in 1998.

  • Rob Carpentier


    As a preconstruction lead, Rob assists project teams in pricing though purchasing and contract assembly. Rob graduated from the University of New Hampshire in 1995 and joined the firm in 1997.

  • Brad Colavecchio


    Brad is responsible for oversee¬ing all scheduling, logistics, constructability, and ensuring proper supervision and safety for all projects in the JMA Virginia office. Brad joined the firm in 1995 after graduating from Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

  • Mike Leavitt


    Mike Leavitt runs the Virginia office. Mike is responsible for the complete delivery chain management of all VA projects. Mike has worked in the Washington, DC construction market since 1993 and joined John Moriarty and Associates in 2010.

  • Justin Amico

    Chief Financial Officer

    Justin joined JMA as the CFO after spending 30 years in public accounting specializing in construction & working with JMA for over 25 years. Justin is a CPA who graduated from Bentley University where he got his BS, MBA, and MST.

  • Jamie Noon


    Jamie assumes Project Executive responsibilities on projects in Massachusetts. Jamie served as a combat engineer in the United States Marine Corps as well as attending Coastal Carolina Community College. Jamie joined the firm in 1996.

  • Joel Dyson


    Joel joined the firm in 1996 after graduating from Wentworth Institute of Technology. Joel assumes Project Executive responsibilities, overseeing projects in the Massachusetts territory.

  • Josh Snyder


    As Project Executive in the Massachusetts territory, Josh oversees large construction projects from inception to completion. Josh joined the firm in 1998 after graduating from Union College.

  • Richard Schuerger


    In his role as Vice President, Rick is responsible for overseeing several of our large projects in South Florida from preconstruction through completion. Rick is a graduate of The Ohio State University and joined the firm in 2007.

  • Michael Smith


    As Project Executive in the Virginia territory, Michael oversees large construction projects from inception to completion. Michael joined the firm in 2005 and holds a BS from SUNY Cortland and a MS from Northeastern University.

Project Safety

It is John Moriarty and Associates highest priority is to safely execute our projects while providing a healthy and safe workplace for all of our employees, subcontractor personnel, pedestrians, and building occupants. The large complex projects JMA takes on are often situated in active urban areas in close proximity to other businesses or pedestrian traffic. Each project is different and thus prior to beginning any job our safety department prepares a plan to address the specific hazards of each project. Overseen by the head of the safety department, each project has its own on-site safety staff charged with executing that plan. The priority JMA has made of jobsite safety has resulted in a very low EMR of 0.80 with a continuing focus on improvement.

Project safety is further enhanced through:
  • OSHA Training:  All of JMA's superintendents, laborers and carpenters have been trained in the OSHA 30 and 10 Hour Safety Courses.
  • Specialty Training:  JMA provides continuous specialty training to field staff.  Examples of specialty training include:  fall protection, crane certifications, first aid CPR, respiratory protection, scaffolding, excavation, mast climbers, confined space, aerial lifts, and rigging signaling.
  • Project specific safety orientations for all workers.
  • Weekly jobsite subcontractor foreman safety meetings.
  • Scheduled formal safety training sessions for project managers, superintendents, foremen and tradesmen;
  • Weekly on-site safety audits with deficiency reports to be completed and returned with corrective actions;
  • Periodic formal and informal staff safety reviews;
  • Regular meetings of the JMA Safety Committee at which safety issues, policies, procedures and training programs are reviewed;
  • A safety incentive program providing recognition for JMA employees who perform work safely, are not injured on the job, and meet the established project safety criteria;
  • Monthly JMA Safety Newsletter;
  • Continuous tracking and monitoring of subcontractor incidents and injury trends;
  • Review of subcontractor Job Hazards Analysis.
Recent Safety Awards Include:
  • 2012 AGC of Massachusetts Merit Award - Exemplary Safety Record
  • 2010 AGC of Massachusetts Merit Award - Exemplary Safety Record
Technology and Efficiency

The construction industry has gone through a tech revolution in recent years. The integration of technology in construction has completely revolutionized what was once a low tech industry. Long before there were such common buzzwords as Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Integrated Project Delivery (IPD), John Moriarty and Associates has been at the forefront of using tech to build better buildings more efficiently. Moriarty’s in-house coordination department is out front on each job – creating fabrication/installation drawings early in virtual space.

Each project can then be pre-fabricated to the greatest degree possible offsite in controlled factory environments and use field assembly labor most efficiently. Our process is paperless, estimating and construction administration are performed via the computer. The ultimate goal of all these tools being delivery of the best quality at the highest speed possible with the most efficient cost. JMA is always looking ahead to implement the next technological advance to better serve our clients.

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